Astro workshop May 12th from 10pm - 4am

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Astro workshop May 12th from 10pm - 4am


10 person workshop on the night of May 12th from 10pm until you want to leave. I will be staying until at least 3:30-4am answering questions and helping you get the best of the stars and your camera. This will be an astrophotography / Milky Way shooting workshop. There are so many variables that come with Astrophotography and am extremely excited to host this with everything coming together. Location is set for Plymouth/Myles Standish State Park Area, although I am willing to go farther if the class is willing. Darker the skies the better.

All that you will need is a
1. DSLR camera.
2. Wide angle lens with wider aperture is preferred but not required.
3. Sturdy tripod is a must.
4. A flashlight / headlamp.
5. An open mind ready to learn.

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